Climate Action Challenge, also known as the 'Daisy Challenge'

First Challenge:

The Visitation Province Administration Team challenges sisters and associates to the ‘Climate Action Challenge.’ The effects of Climate Change have certainly been a reality for those of us living in the Halifax area. The snow banks even attempted to take over our office parking lot. The hills are alive with snow!

As a team, we accept the challenge to educate ourselves on the effect that Climate Change plays on our winters. For every 2.5 cm of our highest bank of snow in our parking lot, each member of the team has pledged one dollar to Feed Nova Scotia. Our snow bank measured 213 cm!

We challenge the sisters and associates to become involved in Climate Action by taking part in the 'Climate Action Challenge,' also known as the ‘Daisy Challenge.’

Messages, short videos and/or photographs of your action can be sent to Monica Lambton for posting on the JPIC icon and JPIC website.