JPIC Framework of Priorities & Action Plan 2012-13

The JPIC Core Committee has developed a new way to present its annual Framework of Priorites and Action Plan.  A Diagram now captures our work in imagery to better facilitate an understanding of what we do. The JPIC 2012-13 Action Plan is closely linked to that of the CND Social Justice Network and is inviting us to adopt eco-justice as the lens through which we approach all of our work. 

Responding to the moment to which we are called, we make our focus:
“Living well together in Right Relationship with Creation”.  We join with others who are actively working on the same issues.  We hold as a priority supporting the agents of change and the positive movement forward in all of the following issues:

 JPIC Framework of Priorities & Action Plan 2012-13

JPIC, as part of the CND Social Justice Network, makes a link between the JPIC Action Plan and the Action Plan of the Network 2012-13:
Aware that human actions are putting the earth in peril, we pledge to work with others:

  • to safeguard the earth and the equitable sharing of resources
  • to ensure quality of life for all humanity, indeed for all creation.

In so doing, we remain faithful to our chapter direction of simplicity for mission.