Letter to Premier Jean Charest re Carbon Emissions

M. Jean Charest,
Premier of Quebec
Édifice Honoré-Mercier, 3e étage
835, boulevard René-Lévesque Est
Québec (Québec) G1A 1B4

Dear M. Charest,

I am writing from the office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) of the Congregation of Notre Dame, Visitation Province, which is the region of the English speaking sisters in Canada.  Recently your government announced an ambitious programme for carbon reductions for the Province of Quebec.  We wish to commend you on this decision and offer our support for the province to meet this goal.  The Congregation of Notre Dame has a long history of service in Quebec, Canada and around the world.  For many years now we have been engaged in environmental issues, encouraging more sustainable economies and communities.  It is greatly satisfactory to have a government in leadership whose policies are encouraging and supportive to this work.

At the JPIC office we have been following much of the information and research produced by the scientific and environmental communities on the climate crisis and have been engaging in various actions from creating awareness to writing letters to government officials.  However, we believe that our best contribution to the discussion is from our faith perspective.  We have heard from the scientists and environmentalists.  We know the facts.  The question of today is how to take action.  We believe that fundamentally the climate crisis is a moral and ethical issue.

It is a moral and ethical issue because generations in the future will pay the price of our actions (and inaction) of today and because those who are least responsible for the creation of the problem will disproportionately suffer from the deadly effects.

Ultimately, this is an ethical dilemma of how we manage continuous growth with the reality of the finite resources on the planet.  We believe that what is called for is a fundamental re-structuring of our economy and our understanding of growth so that it will more equally benefit all Canadians and humanity around the planet as well as the environment.  We support a revisioning that will move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production that will promote social and economic development within the carrying capacity of ecosystems, and that will support life for future generations.   We are not alone.  Attached please find a statement from the members of the NGO Forum at the UN (of which we are a part) "Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change:  Appeal to World Leaders".

It is imperative that we look beyond local interests and mobilize with the rest of the international community in an unprecedented effort to take action on climate change.  This is the way forward for economic success in the future.  Without it, we are leaving a huge deficit to the generations of the future.  We are happy to see the Province of Quebec subscribing to a similar position.


Monica Lambton
Coordinator, Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
Congregation of Notre Dame, Visitation Province
(514) 932-7973