Response of Visitation Province to "A Call to Action" Petition Signing

Response of Visitation Province to "A Call to Action" Petition Signing

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the call to have a petition ready for reading in the House of Commons before December 9, when the Durban Conference ended. Due to the tight deadline this required a special effort. Some people replied that it was a good Advent Project! The petition signing was led by Sisters and Associates from across the country. Everyone called
upon their creativity when looking for places to gather many signatures at once. The petitions were circulating in churches- after mass and during meetings, at the gatherings of CND Associates, in CND houses and many other places! The PEI petition was signed by all present at the Memorial Mass for Sr. Eileen Clarkin which included most of the PEI sisters, former students of NDA and associates.

It was especially important to reach Conservative Members of Parliament, who are not often open to addressing the issue of Climate Change and so we should be proud that more than half of
our petitions went to Conservative M.P.'s. Well done!

For more information on the original Faith Leaders letter on Climate Change and the petitions in support of the letter, see the previous documents posted on the JPIC Icon. Here is a list of M.P.s
who received petitions from the CND community.

Members of Parliament who received petitions from CND communities:

  • Conservative M.P. Mike Allen in Woodstock, N.B
  • Conservative M.P. Keith Ashfield in Fredericton received two petitions
  • Conservative M.P. Earl Dreeshen in Innisfail, AB
  • Conservative M.P. Ron Cannon in Kelowna
  • Conservative M.P. Stockwell Day in Penticton, B.C.
  • Liberal M.P. Ted Hsu in Kingston
  • Liberal M.P. Geoff Regan in Halifax
  • Liberal M.P. Arnold Wayne Easter in PEI
  • Liberal M.P. Francis Scarpaleggia in Montreal (signatures were not CND but the petition was organized by JPIC Coordinator Monica Lambton)