Take Action on Cuts to Development and Peace

Fast for Development and Peace

Please support a solidarity fast on Good Friday, asking participants to fast without food as long as the sun shines, and collect the money your household might have spent on food that day, and donate it to CCODP (you can donate on the Development and Peace website or by phone or mail).  Let everyone in your parish know about this fast to protest the cuts.  Ask the leaders of religious congregations to participate in the Good Friday fast, and to publicly release a letter to the Prime Minister asking for this decision to be rescinded.  Request that your local bishop participate in the Good Friday solidarity fast, and also release a public letter on the diocesan website, protesting this government action (by writing to the PM) and encouraging the faithful to support CCODP’s work.

Write a Letter

Write to Prime Minister Harper, protesting the cuts to CCODP, which will hurt excellent development efforts in the Global South, and asking that this CIDA decision be reversed. Template letter

Follow some of the campaigns protesting the cuts:

For more information, see the Letter and Fact Sheet from Development and Peace as well as the following:

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