These are a few resources that caught our eye:

From Sr. Anne T. Gillis (March 2012) Last week I had the opportunity to attend a movie with my 7yr old grandnephew.  The movie was:  DR. SEUSS’:  THE LORAX and the book was written in 1971.  The message is about the dangers of corporate greed.  The story revolves around a 12 yr old, called Ted who lives in a plastic, fake city and who wants to impress his friend who is a girl who wants nothing more than to see a real live tree!  So Ted sets out to look for a Mr. Onceler, who,  according to his grandmother  knows all about what happened to the trees.  After surmounting many obstacles Ted is given a sapling to take back and plant in the plastic city because the keeper of the trees tells him:  “ Unless  someone like you cares a whole awful  lot, nothing is going get better.  It’s not!”  That is our message for today!

From Monica Lambton, JPIC Coordinator (November 2011) Dolphin Tale is a beautiful movie for all ages about healing: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Connecting with the beauty of God's Creation is the core theme of the movie and it shows that there is no limit to what can be achieved when we open up our lives to this possibility. I believe the film is currently showing across Canada. Enjoy!